Ticketing Solutions

The team at Orrisons, decided to enchant the entertainment industry with our own feature rich, intuitive and robust Ticketing Solutions.
We developed a product, which would meet the needs and requirements of the entertainment industry as a whole. A product that would now bring easiness for both the customers as well as the hosts.

  • Appointment System

    The system allows celebs and consultants to manage their time, by allowing the people who wish to meet them book appointments online using Orrisons Ticketing solutions.

  • Theaters/ Plays

    Any regional plays can be given more coverage and publicity using the Orrisons Ticketing Solutions systems. Online visibility will be given to each plays, and the chances of getting more people to view the play would increase by a minimum of 50% due to the convenience of online ticketing

  • Event Management

    Event management companies can now make sure that the events they organize can easily reach huge publicity, and more advanced and online tickets can be sold prior to the events to make it a big success.

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  • Games and Sports Events

    The real benefit lies when the game is huge and the demand for the tickets are even huge. The organisers can use Orrisons Ticketing Solutions and manage the demand by selling the tickets online.

  • Cinemas

    Revolutionizing the cinemas by automating the counters and introducing online ticketing and advance booking. Replacing conventional tickets with system generated tickets, thereby completely eliminating double ticketing, bringing a 100% more clarity on management reporting and of course, boosting the revenue of the cinemas by tapping alternate sources.

  • Social and Health Clubs

    Membership to social and health clubs can be maintained, as well as the activities conducted by the clubs can also be maintained

About Orrisons

Orrisons is a leading provider of various end-to-end Ticketing Solutions which include Online booking solution, Counter ticketing, Advance reservation system, Crowd Analytics, etc. As part of this journey we currently touch the lives of 1.5 million users through our various applications.

The Orrisons story starts in 2012, when four engineers decide to tack together their abilities, to create a movement in e-Ticketing spectrum, which emphasize on radical technology innovation to draft solutions for the problems faced by various industries which are driven by ticket issuance in various modes.

While stepping up the stairs, we make sure that the vision is followed and our strong value system 'ETHICS' is upheld. Our customer-centric approach and commitment to stay dedicated to long-term client success, has assisted us being the trusted technology partners of all the customers we deal with. The employee friendly design of work environment, where the resources enjoy freedom and are encouraged to think and innovate, proved to be a vital factor in delivering quality services & products. Also, this makes the organization one of the most desirous place to work.

Online Booking Process

Our booking process is the most simple, interactive and robust

Download App

We are working on the mobile phone apps, while our websites are already responsive to be used in any devices or browsers

The industry challenges we addressed

Conventional Preprinted Tickets

Most of the cinemas, theatres and events were still under the conventional and unorganized way of selling preprinted tickets, which were sold at the counter by an individual personally collecting cash and providing tickets. The tickets too did not have a count or seat on them.


The individual at the counters were least accountable as there were no proper ways of keeping a track of the tickets sold, no proper collection reports etc. This meant they could do any thing he wanted to, they could easily forge the manually entered reports too.

Less Convenience for the Customers

The customers had to wait long hours before they could get their tickets confirmed, they never had options to get it done in advance or using the internet.

Challenges to adapt to the new Technology

The employees at the premises were used to the conventional ways of ticketing and resisted any new changes, fearing that the product would be complex. A product with a simple interface was actually a solution for this.

Double Ticketing

Tickets with the same numbers were issued often to the same customer, this used to create a lot of buzz among the crowd. Something that seriously needed a way to sort out

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